The Garlicky Way of Life

A close relative of onion, garlic has come to be appreciated over the years not only for its most savory culinary qualities, but also for its medicinal uses. The antioxidant qualities of garlic are superior to most other vegetables. Many nutritionists recommend including garlic in your diet on a daily basis. There is a whole bunch of garlic types. However, in this article we will focus on the more familiar white garlic clove. Depending on the preparation process, the properties of garlic are susceptible to changes.

The Allicin wonder

The allicin compound that can be found in garlic has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, and can act as a very powerful antioxidant as well. Upon making contact with air, the allicin secreted by the garlic, will decompose into sulfenic acid to generate the antioxidant property of the garlic. In order to create this effect, the clove needs to be either minced or chopped finely. The longer you wait to consume the garlic after it is minced or ground, the less likely you are to benefit from its properties. Also it is better to eat it raw or lightly cooked. If the garlic is completely cooked it loses its nutritional benefits.

A garlic a day keeps bad things away

Thanks to its role as a major antioxidant, garlic has come to be vastly appreciated by people who are well into their golden years or those who lead stressful lives. Some eye conditions that can be caused by aging or excessive nervous pressure can be really upsetting and more than often nearly impossible to cure. Using garlic on a daily basis will help reverse some of the damage because of its condensed antioxidant ingredients.

Other very significant benefits of garlic consumption is when the allicin decomposes and turns into sulfenic acid there is also an increase in the immune system as a result. So strong is this garlic compound that penicillin pales in comparison. As a consequence, regular garlic use will help your immune system to not only come out a winner from the battle against viruses and fungi, but also to keep them at bay. Warts and colds are but a few minor health-problems that were successfully treated with garlic over time. Also not only has regular garlic use been credited with easing the digestive process, but also with ridding of skin conditions as well as facilitating a much sounder respiration.

Garlic, the best juice to power your liver

An important fact that you should know is that raw garlic is almost fat and salt-free. It has a lot of Vitamin B6, C, Manganese and Calcium. Here is the big bonus benefit. Garlic is known to invigorate the liver. The liver functions as some sort of warehouse, where different compounds found in food and needed for the proper function of our body, are stored and processed. As you might imagine, lipids or fat molecules are also stored and processed here and they can be more efficiently processed if the liver is stimulated. This will lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. No matter if you consume the stronger raw garlic or the milder garlic powder, it will help this process, along with the creation of nitric acid which is responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels. And this in turn is good for your heart. Although still at an experimental stage, the idea that garlic can be used to prevent various cancers has begun to take shape.

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