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Natural Ways To Treat Acne Breakouts

4 Treatments To Naturally Treat Acne Breakouts

Before we discuss the ways to treat the acne breakouts, we must understand the reasons and causes of the acne breakouts.

Causes of Acne Breakouts:

Human skin has very small tiny pores called skin pores. Under the skin layer is present the skin glands called sebaceous glands. These glands produce a secretion called sebum that is supplied to outer layer of our skin through the skin pores. The sebum makes our skin fresh and supple. Sometimes, due to some reasons, the skin pores are partially or fully blocked and sebum cannot come out of the skin and keeps on deposited under the skin. Also, the hormonal imbalance results in the over activity of sebaceous glands. Due to these factors, more and more sebum, an oily secretion, is produced and stored under the skin. The bacteria start growing in this sebum and produce toxins under the skin. This causes the inflammation that can be seen in the form of bumps or small acne spots on the skin. In this way the acne breakouts are produced on the human skin.

Natural Treatments of Acne Breakouts:

Now, let’s discuss some important and easy natural treatments for acne breakouts.

1.     Using Vitamin B5 to Treat Acne Breakouts: As discussed above the main reason of acne breakouts is over-activity of sebaceous glands. It is seen the vitamin B5 have a very vital role in this condition. The vitamin B5 can suppress the activity of skin glands that will result in less formation of sebum oil resulting in the great improvement in acne breakouts condition. Therefore in order to treat acne breakouts naturally, the deficiency of vitamin B5 should be removed by taking the natural sources of vitamin B5. The natural sources of vitamin B5 are soy-beans, liver, split peas etc.

2.     Take Zinc Supplements to Treat Acne Breakouts, Naturally: It is found that zinc can play a positive role in reducing the acne breakouts. The main reason is its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nature. So, it is recommended to take the food that contains zinc in order to treat your acne breakouts, naturally.

3.     Use Plenty of Water To Reduce Acne Breakouts: As described above, the inflammation of skin caused by the toxins under the skin is the main cause of acne breakouts. Water can help in this matter. Taking plenty of water will ensure that sufficient amount of water is supplied to all parts of the body cells, especially to skin cells. When the skin cells get plenty of water, the most of the toxins produced under the skin are removed with that water, resulting in the reduction of acne breakouts.

4.     Use Honey Mask to Treat Acne Breakouts: Another natural way to treat the acne breakouts is the use of honey. Take some quantity of honey mixed with cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on your face before going to bed and wash off your face in the morning with lukewarm water. Use this remedy for 2-3 weeks and it will help you in reducing the acne breakouts and making your skin fresh and supple.

Hopefully you have found these natural ways to treat acne, useful. For more information about acne treatment please visit, http://www.bestacnetreatmentstips.com

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Please Do Try This At Home: Beauty Treatments

The cosmetic industry sells millions of products each year. Most products are made from ingredients with many preservatives and chemicals in them. They are tested on lab animals. They are unhealthy for us. Yet we continue to put them on our bodies. The packaging is helping to overflow our landfills and hurt the environment. Homemade beauty products are a solution to this problem. They are easy to create, use ingredients that are not as harsh and do not harm the planet.

There are ways that a woman can treat her acne at home. Creating homemade acne facial masks is a way to minimize the problem. For example, a yogurt honey face mask will help exfoliate and leave your skin feeling cool and fresh. Mix together one tablespoon non fat yogurt, one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon lime juice. Apply to your face and let sit for fifteen minutes. Wash off with warm washcloth.

To cease skin peeling and aide in exfoliating dead skin, use an oatmeal mask. They are very easy to create at home in your kitchen. The first step is to get your ingredients together. You will require two tablespoons whole uncooked oatmeal and add two tablespoons non fat yogurt.

Chop oats in chopper until fine powdery substance. Add the yogurt and mix until creamy. Apply to your face. Keep it on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse well with warm water. You face should feel cleaner and look brighter.

Many beauty cosmetics can be made from your kitchen. Making homemade lip gloss is not difficult and anyone can do it. Put one quarter cup of castor oil and one quarter cup of bees wax together and add two teaspoons of sesame oil. You will want to a dash of beet juice.

Melt bees wax in a double boiler and add in other oils. Add beet juice until you reach your desired color. You can add a drop or two of an essential fragrance oil to make it smell wonderful. Store it in a container. Put a little bit in a small jar to take in your purse. How wonderful you will look using your homemade lip gloss.

Creating beauty products in your home will make you look and feel great. You have become thriftier and are saving money. Your body will respond to using these natural ingredients. Most of these ingredients will be in your home already. By creating your own beauty products, it will make you stand out. Your skin will glow and appear healthy. There will be fewer breakouts.

Dry Skin Treatments And Options

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Dry Skin Treatments

At any one time there a millions of people suffering from skin problems. Some will search for relief in their kitchen cubbards with natural healthy remedies, and others may scour store shelves looking for relief. Treating dry skin can come in the form of a cream, lotion or prescription medication. It can be difficult to find the right product to dry skin as it can be a symptom of a deeper underlying chronic skin condition.

Dry skin is usually caused by the environment. If you live in a very dry area then this could be what is causing your symptoms. You may need to purchase a humidifier to provide relief to you and your family. It is also possible that the dry air from home space heaters is contributing to your problems. Limiting the use of these devices may help with your symptoms.

You can try try inexpensive over the counter treatments, or try applying items from your kitchen such as coconut oil, olive oil, safflower oil, and even Crisco cooking oil.  Some doctors will recommend that you use a mild baby bath soap to avoid a further irritation, as it is usually free of harsh ingredients.

Ingredients To Look For In Lotion & Soaps:

  • Shea butter
  • Coco Butter
  • Glycerine
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  •  Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil
  • Coconut Oil

Stay Away From Products That contain:

  • Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Parabens
  • Diethanolamine (DEA)
  • Triethanolamine (TEA)
  • Synthetic Fragrances

If you have recently changed your soaps it can causes changes in your skin. If this is the case then you may stop your skin irritation by simply stop using them, and go back to your old soap or find a new natural one. It is a process of elimination and important to find out exactly what is causing your symptoms.

Symptoms of dry skin can happen suddenly or may last for years. If it is a chronic condition that has lasted for years, then it is best to see a doctor to  describe your dry skin symptoms. Take a few notes as to when the itching occurs, where the dry patches are, what products you are using and take them to your doctor to help them diagnose your particular skin condition.

Symptoms of Dry Skin:

  •  skin tightness- after showering, bathing or swimming
  • shrunken or dehydrated skin
  • rough
  • Itching (pruritus)
  • flaking, scaling or peeling (mild-mod)
  • Redness
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Cracks or or fissures that may or may not bleed

If  you have the following symptoms and they do not clear up after applying lotions or creams it is best to follow up with your general doctor or dermatologist. Rough patches and sores that do not heal could possibly be skin cancer, so do not dismiss your symptomatic skin conditions they could be something more than simple dry skin. It is important that you let your doctor know about all the products you have been trying on your own.

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Which Type Of Facial Cleansers Work Best?


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Which type of cleaner will work best for your skin?

All facial cleaners are pretty much the same, right? Not really there are facial gels, foam cleaners, oil cleaners, cleaners for oily skin, cleansers for dry skin, cleaners for combination skin. Well, you get the idea….it's a confusing browsing online or in the store. Which type of cleaner will work best for your skin?

Let's keep it basic, because there are literately millions of facial care products out there that start at a $1 and run into the hundreds of dollars. You could easily use the same soap that you use on your body to wash your face, but most body soaps are harsh, and your face ideally needs milder cleanser.

Different Types Of Facial Cleansers

The primary focus of cleansing the face is to remove dirt, excess oils, dead skin cells, make up and germs all without irritating the delicate skin balance or depleting moisture. Cleansers can come in lotion, cream, gel, Aerosols , and self foaming, and even scrub formulations.

Foaming Cleanser

Foaming Facial Cleansers are a good choice for almost everyone. You just need the find the right formula for your particular skin type. Foam cleansers clean well, balances and replenishes proper moisture levels to the skin in one easy step. Many men and women like the foamy feel as it lifts away dirt and oil and washes away easily. Another plus of foam cleansers is that they do not pull or tug on the skin which can break down the elastic fibers. Always wet your face first then apply about 1 tablespoon of cleanser to wet hands, and then rub hands until you have a nice thick foam. Use your hands to wash your face gently, and finish with a splash of water, or gently rise with a clean wash cloth.

A couple of my favorites drug store brands that will not bust your wallet, but work as well as very expensive brands from a dermatologist are:

  • Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser works well for Sensitive Skin, oily skin or combination skin types.
  • Cera Ve Foaming Facial Cleanser is my first choice, as it replenishes your skin with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. My dermatologist turned me on to this, and I recommend it as it is full of natural ingredients of a healthy skin barrier, never leaving it feeling tight or dry.


Non Foaming Facial Cleaners

This is the mildest type of facial cleanser comes mostly in cream, lotion, and deep oil cleansing  formulations, and as it does not contain large amounts of surfactant that produce the foam in other types of cleansers it can simply be wiped off or rinsed off. Many women and men with very dry skin prefer this type of cleanser as it deposits the deepest moisture on to the skin, and additional moisturizers are not needed. This type of cleanser is better for mature skin as it can handle the heavier moisture formulations that might clog the pores of younger women causing skin breakouts.

I asked my dermatologist what he recommended and he had a few recommendations: Dove non foaming facial cleansers, Avenno, Cera Ve, Cetaphil, and Kiehl were ones he recommends to men and women who want a mild and effective facial cleaner.

  • Oil Cleansers

Can oil clean skin?

I use safflower in the shower after my dermatologist recommended it. I use it to wash my face, and after the shower I blot dry my skin, and then apply the safflow oil to my moist skin. My skin has never been healthier, and it contains no harsh chemicals. I do miss the suds sometimes it make me feel as if I'm not really washing my face, but my skin is glowing because I am not stripping my skin of its natural oil. You do need to make sure you have a mat down in the shower as using oils in the shower can make the tub or tile slippery.

Oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principals of chemistry is that “like dissolves like.” The best way to desolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil, is by using another non-polar solvent similar in composition: other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit that heal, protect and nourish your skin. When done properly and consistently, the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and other problems caused by mild to moderate acne–while leaving your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized.” according to acne.org

Recommended Oils

  • Sesame (all skin types)
  • Safflower (all skin types)
  • Jojoba (all skin types, good for acne)
  • Avocado (dry & aging skin)
  • Sweet almond (all skin types& acne oily)
  • Grapeseed (all skin types& acne oily)
  • Avocado (dry& mature skin)


This type of facial cleanser is not for everyday use. It can cause redness and irritation when used on sensitive skin, or if over used by those with oily skin types. Dead skin removal is important for glowing healthy skin, and facial scrubs to play a part in a facial care routine. Facials scrubs can be homemade such as good old baking soda, sugar and honey, coffee & brown sugar, fresh strawberries and sugar, and Oatmeal and honey just to name a few. These can be just as effective as store brought versions. If you are not into making our own then you can find a more than you can try in a life time lining store shelves or being offered online. Store bought versions can include ingredients like:

  1. Granules that soften and dissolve away when they get we (mild)
  2. Smooth round silica beads (can include Jojoba) (mild)
  3. Different sizes of gritty Calcium carbonate (harsh)
  4. Ground up seeds, or husks that can include apricot, walnut and almonds (harsh)
  • Make up Wipes

I admit that I use these frequently, but not every day. Mostly on a day I have applies heavy make up. They are extremely popular and easy to use. Although not really environmentally friendly make up wipes offer a quick and easy way to remove make up in a hurry. The soft pre-moistened wipes can sweep away all types of makeup, dirt and oil leaving your skin fresh, and and clean with out rinsing.  But….how well do they really clean the skin? They are only the first step in the cleansing process, and do require that you follow up with a gentle cleanser.

  • Baby Wipes The Secret Make Up Remover

I will admit that I buy huggies tea tree and cucumber baby wipes to do quick make up removal, or a quick wash job in the morning if I don't want to wash my face before going to the beach or gardening. There are many different types of baby wipes that contain shea butter, aloe, and camomile.  It’s one of the fashion industry’s secrets, and make up artisit use them to remove the heavy duty makeup that is piled on during shoots.

Safflower Oil Skin Home Remedy

There is no one size fits all cleaners. It will require some trial and error, but if you are still having problems with breakouts, sensitive skin, overly dry skin or deep wrinkles then it might be time to make an appointment with the dermatologist.

I hope you found this article helpful. You can find more information online or stay awhile and discover more Natural Healthy Remedies







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Glycolic Acid Peel

It's difficult watching yourself grow old because your skin starts sagging, wrinkles develop, and many of the other signs of aging start showing up. These problems occur because of the hormonal changes we experience as we age which cause those ugly blemishes to pop up. Also, our skin is made up of two elements called collagen and elastin. As we start to notice the signs of aging these two elements in our skin become weak, and this contributes to our sagging and wrinkling skin. What can you do to solve these annoying problems? There is one alternative called glycolic acid peels which has been known to give impressive results.

A glycolic acid peel sounds a Little scary, but it is known to help all kinds of people get the beautiful younger skin they have been searching for. If you have suffered sun damage, nasty scars, wrinkles, acne problems, or your just unhappy with the face looking back at you in the mirror, then a glycolic peel might be for you.

Are you wondering how a glycolic acid chemical peel works. The effective ingredients in a glycolic acid peel treatment start by loosening, and then eliminating the first layer of your problem skin. Then, the new, healthy skin that is underneath takes its place. This unique acid peel is safe and it's reported to be one of the most gentle of all the acid peels available today. You can even by it over the counter, but you should see your dermatologist first just to play it safe.

Will it get rid of your acne? Your skin has tiny glands called sebaceous glands which produces oil to moisturize the skin. The problem occurs when dirt, oil, or dead skin cells clog these glands. If you don't clean your skin properly it will result in an acne problem. This is where a glycolic acid peel comes in. It's known as a good choice for removing the problems acne can cause. When that top layer of skin is peeled off, very often the acne problems are removed as well.

Are glycolic acid peels a safe option? These kinds of products are made up of natural ingredients, so the worst thing that could happen from using one of these peels would be some redness or irritation for a short time after an application. The strength of the peel is determined on the amount of glycolic acid added to the solution. You can neutralize the acid effects these products by simply adding baking soda and water

Glycolic acid peel products are a great decision for anybody who desires younger looking skin. For more information on skin care procedures and products visit Skin Care Products.