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The Garlicky Way of Life

A close relative of onion, garlic has come to be appreciated over the years not only for its most savory culinary qualities, but also for its medicinal uses. The antioxidant qualities of garlic are superior to most other vegetables. Many nutritionists recommend including garlic in your diet on a daily basis. There is a whole bunch of garlic types. However, in this article we will focus on the more familiar white garlic clove. Depending on the preparation process, the properties of garlic are susceptible to changes.

The Allicin wonder

The allicin compound that can be found in garlic has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, and can act as a very powerful antioxidant as well. Upon making contact with air, the allicin secreted by the garlic, will decompose into sulfenic acid to generate the antioxidant property of the garlic. In order to create this effect, the clove needs to be either minced or chopped finely. The longer you wait to consume the garlic after it is minced or ground, the less likely you are to benefit from its properties. Also it is better to eat it raw or lightly cooked. If the garlic is completely cooked it loses its nutritional benefits.

A garlic a day keeps bad things away

Thanks to its role as a major antioxidant, garlic has come to be vastly appreciated by people who are well into their golden years or those who lead stressful lives. Some eye conditions that can be caused by aging or excessive nervous pressure can be really upsetting and more than often nearly impossible to cure. Using garlic on a daily basis will help reverse some of the damage because of its condensed antioxidant ingredients.

Other very significant benefits of garlic consumption is when the allicin decomposes and turns into sulfenic acid there is also an increase in the immune system as a result. So strong is this garlic compound that penicillin pales in comparison. As a consequence, regular garlic use will help your immune system to not only come out a winner from the battle against viruses and fungi, but also to keep them at bay. Warts and colds are but a few minor health-problems that were successfully treated with garlic over time. Also not only has regular garlic use been credited with easing the digestive process, but also with ridding of skin conditions as well as facilitating a much sounder respiration.

Garlic, the best juice to power your liver

An important fact that you should know is that raw garlic is almost fat and salt-free. It has a lot of Vitamin B6, C, Manganese and Calcium. Here is the big bonus benefit. Garlic is known to invigorate the liver. The liver functions as some sort of warehouse, where different compounds found in food and needed for the proper function of our body, are stored and processed. As you might imagine, lipids or fat molecules are also stored and processed here and they can be more efficiently processed if the liver is stimulated. This will lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. No matter if you consume the stronger raw garlic or the milder garlic powder, it will help this process, along with the creation of nitric acid which is responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels. And this in turn is good for your heart. Although still at an experimental stage, the idea that garlic can be used to prevent various cancers has begun to take shape.

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Fight Cancer with Probiotics!





A Strong Immune System Helps Prevent Cancer

There is a strong link between preventing cancer, the functioning of our immune systems and a healthy intestinal tract. A healthy gut contains millions and millions of beneficial bacteria. It is a symbiotic relationship between our intestinal tract and beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria help us to digest food, fight many harmful bacteria such as pathogens and food-borne “bad” bacteria and improve the immune response of the intestine. The beneficial bacteria even make certain nutrients such as vitamins B12 and K.

Chronic illness, diets high in sugar or processed foods, stress and antibiotics can alter the natural flora of the intestinal tract and create health problems such as constipation, yeast overgrowth, indigestion and weaken our immune system creating a vulnerability to developing cancer. With the growing interest in the integration of medicine and personal care, recognizing the link between diet, health and cancer prevention has never been stronger.

The Use Of Probiotics In The Fight Against Cancer

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that decrease fecal enzymes associated with the development of cancer-causing compounds in the small and large intestines. They catalyze enzymes that neutralize cancer-causing substances. Probiotics are also able to stimulate and support the immune system throughout the body. The ability of super strains of L-acidophilus bacteria in eradicating these harmful enzymes is one of the most important preventative dietary measures one can take in the fight against cancer. The more quickly dangerous enzymes are neutralized, the lower our risk of developing cancer, especially colon and bladder cancer. Probiotics have also been shown to be helpful in protecting the function of both the liver and the kidneys.

Introducing Probiotics Into Your Diet

There are a variety of Probiotic products on the market today that can be taken to supplement your diet. You can also introduce a variety of fermented foods into your diet as a way of increasing beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. Almost every culture has some kind of fermented food. Traditionally, these foods are eaten on a daily basis, not only for their full flavor, but also to keep the gut well-stocked with beneficial bacteria. Some of the fermented foods that can be easily purchased and introduced into your diet are:

  • kefir
  • miso
  • fresh cheese
  • yogurt
  • sauerkraut
  • kombucha

In addition to Probiotic supplementation, it is also helpful to boost your immune system with a healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat protein sources. The whole grains, fruits and vegetables will provide antioxidants and lots of fiber, which will also help to boost your immune system, keep your digestive tract healthy and lower your risk of developing cancer.

Recent Articles:

Eating Healthy In A Fast Food World

Rushing to Eat

People’s lives became therefore busy and rushing around, that we tend to no longer eat the means we tend to should. In some places, there is a McDonald’s on each major corner, if not some other fast food restaurant. Watching TV, you see a business for some kind of food place virtually every time commercials are on, urging you to eat there as a result of it’s smart and you'll get it fast and cheap. With so many distractions and obligations, families have nowadays, how does one eat healthy in an exceedingly quick food world? It’s not an simple thing to do however is potential with coming up with and knowing what to appear for. This isn’t to say quick food will’t be consumed often, however it ought to be less typically than people are doing it now. Not to mention that our food is thus processed that it takes five minutes to cook and has high carbohydrates among different things that aren't digested quickly. This is leading to obesity in the population.

The Truth Concerning Whole Grain

As a result of food is thus processed these days to make it faster to cook, and a lot of convenient for the way our lives have become, it is actually not as sensible for you because it once was. Recently the food administration even modified the food pyramid to coincide with how we eat nowadays and food is made. They're suggesting more whole grains than ever before, also vegetables. This might sound like what has been told to youngsters for years, however even whole grains are deceiving on packaging these days. With all the new diets out there for low carb, no carb, low fat, no fat, etc., foods are coming back out that say whole grain however are just as processed as its white counterpart. They are made with enriched wheat. This method takes all the nutrients and other things that take time to digest for a healthy life. Reading the ingredient could be a smart approach to seek out the real whole grain product. They're currently more expensive than the over processed product because makers could make the enriched version cheaper and faster. To eat healthy you've got to read the labels of everything you consume.

Healthy Choices at Quick Food Eateries

The reality is that you actually will’t eat healthy at any fast food restaurant. They aren’t designed for those trying or needing to watch what they put in their mouth. But you'll be able to build better decisions. Don’t’ eat the bread if you'll be able to stand not too. It’s along the lines of the South Beach Diet however that’s where heaps of your weight gaining properties are. Don’t get anything fried, this includes French fries, onion rings, or maybe fried chicken. Get a diet pop, tea, or water. Avoid the desert and therefore the salad, each have sugar in them and I don’t simply mean within the toppings. Watch “Super Size Me” for a true eye opener. The show is on McDonald’s but you'll be able to bet that every one fast food restaurants are essentially the same. Limit how usually you eat quick food to once per week, if that fast. Get a wrap at Subway rather than a toasted sub. Less bread and just as filling with all the fixings you want. Once you get pizza, get vegetables on it therefore you aren’t simply eating bread, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Remember just how bad fast food is for you, your waistline, and your cholesterol. Whether or not you are fifteen, you should be brooding about how it can affect you later in life. Beginning early can make it easier on your body as you age.

Eating at Home

The best thing to try and do is find a manner to cook meals most nights of the week. This will take designing and team work. Have a minimum of one non-meat dish every week. It doesn’t must be fish or seafood either. Don’t use quick cooking rich to travel together with your meals. Those are again loaded with carbohydrates, which take your body longer to break down and will build you hungry ahead of you should be. Set up weekly meals so that you'll cook casseroles and other straightforward to reheat dishes early in the week for days you will not have time to cook. Utilize your crock-pot and obtain a recipe book for it. You'll be able to make simply regarding something in an exceedingly crock pot nowadays and have a good meal when you get home. Have salad a few times a week with dinner, however watch how much dressing you put on it. Have desert, however build it Jell-O. Indulge once during a whereas to though and it won’t feel like you're depriving yourself of anything.

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Living Healthy Today

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard S...

How to Start Living Healthy

Many people really want to live a healthy lifestyle, but never commit to what it takes. You don't have to go nuts and only eat tofu, or exercise until your arthritis acts up. Living healthy is a state of mind, and once you make your mind up, well, your half way there!

Healthy Living-Let's Start Slowly

Healthy living consist of a few components:

  • Diet

What you put into your body is vital to your health. The Obesity rate is skyrocketing, and one only has to look around the mall, movie theater, or local restaurant to know that this is true. The best time to start living health is when your a kid, but even as an adult you can reverse some of the unhealthy eating habits that can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more chronic illnesses. It's no secret that eating healthy takes a little more thought than say driving thru the fast food window, but the pay off in feeling better, losing weight, and getting healthier is worth the little extra time.

I have a friend who picks her kids up at school, and hands them a giant bag of Doritos and a sugar laden drink every day, I in contrast grab a banana, pear, peach, apple or an a few cubed cheese bites for my kids. Does that take any more time than the processed and unhealthy snack my friend gives her kids? No! Her kids are also over weight, and suffer from numerous allergies and asthma. My kids are lean, healthy and happy.  It is simple really you can choose what to feed yourself and your family. It can be healthy food, or over processed quick and easy foo, it's all a matter of choice.

Start simple by measuring portion size instead of calories, use fresh ingredients (skip processed snack foods: crackers, cookies, chips), add more fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins. Don't worry about being perfect…just commit to improving your eating habit, because even small changes can make a big impact on your health.

  • Supplements

I am a big believer in certain supplements like Co-q10, probiotics, and a good multi vitamin. However, it is best to get your bodies needed nutrients from healthy foods. The skin, the pulp and other natural biproducts (phytochemicals) of fruits and vegetables will provide healthier antioxidants to help protect you and your family from cancers, diseases and chronic illness such as: arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, acne, and more. These can not be replicated by taking one pill or a handful of pills.

  • Exercise

30 – 60 minutes of exercise 5-7 days a week can make you feel fantastic, and there is research to prove it! Exercise creates brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine that not only make you feel good, but can slow down the aging process, according to a 2010 study done by the University of California in San Francisco. It can also reduce the symptoms of depression about as effectively as antidepressants.

If you want a reason to get your kids outside to play then you should know that exercise can increase the level of brain chemicals called growth factors. The connection to exercise is new brain cell formation that helps us learn faster and smarter. Exercise involves coordination, critical thinking, concentration, and improve blood flow to the brain. So, really it's not just good for the kids, exercise keeps an adult man or womans brain sharp and healthy as well.

If you have a history of alzheimers or organic brain disease listen up. The Alzheimer's Research Center says that exercise helps to protect the hippocampus, which controls our memory and coordination. These are the first brain regions to succumb to Alzheimer's and a Dutch study done in 2000 found that men were 4 times as likely to develop alzheimers if they lead a sedimentary lifestyle, then those who had a daily walk or jog.

Start small, and improve your health and of those you love!

These are just a few tips to living healthy today. You can find more natural healthy remedies here, or by doing an online search.


 Healthy Living Video

Food Nutrition Facts – Shall I Use It?

People need good information, like content of carbohydrates, on the food they purchase and consume even if they use any dieting plan, and this is actually the purpose of nutrition guide. And it all starts with product labels that provide all the details necessary about the level of nutrients, the additives, preservers and the rest of chemicals used in product processing. Food nutrition facts extend not only to sellers but also to service providers such as restaurants and hotels that are encouraged by the FDA to provide nutritional information on what they serve.

A problem with most product labels is that people don't understand or fail to interpret correctly the serving sizes. For example, boxes with more servings raise most challenges. In order to determine how much you consume, you have to calculate per serving. Anyone who follows a diet depends on such food nutrition facts.

Other great points on a list of food nutrition facts are calories. Fat is the most dangerous source of calories of all. Moreover, saturated fat and unsaturated fat are concepts that people hardly distinguish between. You can't make health food choices unless you know which are good or bad for your health. You can either read online about that or go see a nutritionist.

Sugar, sodium and carbohydrates, ought to be brought to the consumer's attention through special mentions on the labels. High blood pressure, kidney problems or diabetes require a very careful monitoring of diet. Food should also contain enough minerals, calories and vitamins.

People make mistakes because labels are unclear or because there is poor information on food nutrition facts. This usually happens because everything is expressed in percentages, grams or ounces and you keep trying to calculate everything so as to choose the right kind of food for your diet. Yet, if you keep reading and going through food nutrition facts, you'll develop an eye for spotting the good and bad foods.

Common sense rules are usually more efficient and practical than all the food nutrition facts. Highly processed food is not good for your health. Consume products in the most natural state that you can. Fresh pork or beef will always be better than canned meat. The health advantages are worth every minute you spend cooking.


Low back pain doesn't happen overnight and once understood, can resolve quicker than you realize. We have to look at our lifestyle, nutrition, how we think & feel, etc. to undo the ailment. You could take a pain reliever but still the underlying imbalance will be there after the relief is gone. The key word for low back pain is DEFICIENCY.

Contributing Environment: Our work and personal life may be stressing us out to the degree that our circulation is constricted not allowing nutrients to feed our organs and toxins to be eliminated. Our food choices in America are too rich, filled with processed, empty nutrients, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, unless you know the verifiable source. Our generation has to manage more stress, life events, media exposure and emotional changes thus disturbing our sleep quality. The result is we lack the necessary energy or life force to be our best. This further makes us irritable in our relationships which worsens all the scenarios described before.

As we break down our energy, immunity and support, our self image and esteem parallels our internal organs ability to weather the challenge. Specifically, our adrenals and kidneys have become depleted of energy or weak, necessitating our attention to re-establishing our essence, life force and our quality of living.

Initially, winning strategies in lifestyle, diet and rest need to be re-constructed. This resource is designed to provide some winning solutions so you can quickly re-engage living rather than aging or dying too soon.

The source of deficiency stems from 4 main areas: 



This issue may involve not only low back pain but also sciatic pain complicated by other syndromes such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, etc. Four causes of low back and leg pain.

There are several categories based on Chinese medicine nutrition and Traditional Chinese herbs that support and correct low back pain:

Characteristics: Heat symptoms, dizziness, ringing in the ears, dry throat, dry mouth, fever, low backache, weak legs, involuntary seminal emission, spontaneous sweating, red tongue, emaciation, deep shiny red tongue

Foods: millet, barley, tofu, string bean, black bean, black soy bean, mung bean, mung bean sprouts, kidney bean, azuki bean, and most other beans, kuzu root, watermelon and most others, blackberry, mulberry, blueberry, huckleberry, water chestnut, wheat germ, potato, seaweeds, spirulina, chlorella, black sesame seed, sardine, crab, clam, eggs, pork, cheese
Herbs: marshmallow root, rehmannia root, Asparagus root, aloe vera gel, colloidal silver (If the constitution is cold and/or most or low back & sciatic is cold and/or moist then choose from the groups below)

Characteristics: cold symptoms in the body such as cold extremities, weakened knees, weakened lower back, avoidance of cold environments, pale skin, depression, lethargic thinking, deficient libido, intermittant menstruation and clear vaginal fluid

Foods: walnuts, black beans, onion family (onion, garlic, chives, scallions, leeks), quinoa, chicken, lamb, trout, salmon
Spices: cloves, fenugreek, fennel seeds, dried ginger
Avoid cooling foods, fruit, raw foods, excessive salt, use seaweed cautiously.

Characteristics: low energy, low back pain, weak knees, pale tongue, minor cold signs, frequent urination, incontinence, inability to urinate, dribbling, involuntary seminal emission, other seminal/urinary problems.

Foods: wheat berry, sweet rice, parsley
Herbs: rose hips, oyster shell, clam shell, schizandra berry, raspberry and blackberry leaves, gravel root

Characteristics: dizziness, ringing in ears, loose teeth, loss of head hair, painful knees and lower back

Food: micro-algae (chlorella, spirulina, wild blue-green), fish, liver, kidney, brain, bone and its marrow, human placenta, cereal grasses, wheat grass,solomon seal, almonds, ghee (clarified butter), goat's milk, nettle leaves, royal jelly, bee pollen, Doddler seeds, millet, wheat, black sesame seeds, soybeans, chestnuts, mulberries, raspberries, strawberries, seitan, walnuts
Herbs: deer antler, deer horn velvet, Deer Placenta, Lycium fruit, Polygonum multiflorum root, Eucommia bark, Dendrobium stem, Cinnamon bark, white ginseng, semen cuscutae, astragali seed (complanati), cordyceps, astragalus, codonopsis, reishi, morinda, eleuthero root, paeonia , gambir, gecko, cibot rhizome, tianshan snow lotus, tibet carthami

For final decision on which foods to choose for your condition, please consult a trained master herbalist with in-depth knowledge of Traditional Chinese herbs and food therapy, American herbology and other nutritional systems.