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The Power Of Magnetic Energy Healing Therapy

 Discover Natural Healthy Remedies Magnetic Energy

 Discover Natural Healing Remedies The Power Of Magnetic Energy

The internet is full of natural remedies for arthritis, but they all require taking or rubbing something on the inf lammed joints.

Magnetic therapy is different, and it is effective. Now many of you may be think that using magnetic bracelets or other magnetic products is just a big pile of hooey, but research is starting to prove what believers of magnetic therapy have know all along, it does work and let me tell you what the researchers are finding.

Our bodies use magnetic energy to function. Diagnostic tools such as MRI's show the magnetic energy that floats all around us, and when you place a magnetic healing magnet which is stronger than your kitchen refrigerator door magnets, over areas of your skin it increases blood flow, and can decrease inflammation. It is being used by the Mayo Clinic as we speak to help migraine sufferers. This is the Mayo Clinic that is using this folks, not the local naturopathic practitioner but the Mayo Clinic that did rigorous testing before approving the device. It does not just treat migraines and headaches it has been used with success to treat depression too.

You can find a great deal of material at this web site MagneticArthritisRelief.com

This site has pages of information that can answer questions about clinical studies, how products are used, and how effective they are. Give a look, and I think by the time you read the convincing posts, you too will believe in the power of magnetic healing therapy for arthritis pain, and more.

Magnetic Bracelets are safe, non-invasive, and requires no prescription.

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Magnetic Therapy and Arthritis

by Amy Clark

One method that has been effective in arthritis pain relief is using magnetic bracelets. Such bracelets are devised to enhance circulation and augment the quantity of oxygen in affected areas to lessen inflammation.

Essentially, arthritis prevents the free flow of blood into the affected parts of the body, thus hindering circulation and in due course decreasing oxygen quantities in and around the afflicted parts.

These magnetic bracelets, which are essentially negative magnets, improve blood circulation in the affected regions which in turn have a positive polarity. Thus, better circulation allows higher quantities of oxygen to enter the afflicted areas and successfully reduces inflammation. Accordingly, the pain associated with arthritis is significantly reduced.

Magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy have been popular for a long time, but only recently acknowledged by western science as a reliable anti-pain method.

English researchers recently experimented on the effects of bracelets with varying magnetic fields – one group was asked to use strong bracelets, others were asked to wear weak bracelets, while the others were asked to use placebo bracelets with no magnetic field. After a 12-week period, it was shown that the strong magnetic group experienced a huge reduction in arthritis pain, whilst the weak magnetic field and dummy groups reported minimal to zero effects. This indicates that magnetic bracelets can reliably alleviate arthritis pain, provided that the magnetic bracelet used has a sufficiently strong magnetic field (170-200 Tesla).

In spite of insufficient evidence, magnetic bracelets are immensely accepted among Americans and in several other countries including Australia and Britain. In the late 1990s, international sales of magnetic bracelets reached as much as $5 million. This is a reasonable figure, given that there are over a million arthritis cases in the UK alone. At present, there has also been a substantial increase in the use of natural alternative techniques in treating pain and various other health conditions.

Before deciding to use such bracelets, however, please ask your doctor before doing anything. It is imperative that you do not forget your current medications or other treatments and trade them completely with magnetic therapy, unless a doctor advises you to do so. Magnetic therapy should also be avoided completely if you are pregnant, wearing a pacemaker or electronic implants, or presently using heating pads or electric blankets.

Consider that there are various treatment options for alleviating arthritic pain, and none must be discounted entirely. Certain treatments may continue to be successful in reducing symptoms even while you use magnetic bracelets.

A primary benefit of using magnetic bracelets is the fact that they are very affordable. In addition, they are non-intrusive and have no negative side effects unlike most other chemical techniques. There is absolutely nothing to lose in trying this method of arthritis treatment. Needless to say, your $30-$100 for each bracelet will be well spent.

These bracelets still remain popular, as an increasing number of users are praising their effectiveness. Moreover, clinical studies reveal tangible proof that magnetic bracelets do work in arthritis pain treatment. Thus, if you’ve been suffering from arthritic pain for the longest time, magnetic bracelets may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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