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Rediscovering the Benefits of Meditation

 Benefits of Meditation




People are now going back to ancient practices because they know that the modern times have been causing them too much stress. Of all the means of relaxation out there, more and more people are looking forward to experience the benefits of meditation.


Because of its effectiveness in terms of calming the mind and developing a person's level of intuition, meditation has now being performed not just a means of clearing the mind and inner reflection but also to heal various illnesses in the mind, emotions, and physical aspects.


Meditation and its benefits


One of the most celebrated benefits of meditation is that it greatly helps the person's physical state. Among the physical benefits of meditation involve the heart through a deep rest because it decreases the person's metabolic rate as well as the heart rate, which leads to the reduction of workload for the heart. Aside from that, it is also known to lower the levels of a person's cortisol as well as dissolving the chemicals that are closely associated with everyday stress.
Other physical benefits of meditation also include reduced free radicals in the body by eliminating oxygen molecules that are unstable, decreases a person's high blood pressure, develops the ability to have more resistant skin, lowering or totally dropping the person's level of cholesterol, improve air flow to the lungs to aid easy breathing, delays biological aging and increases the levels of DHEAS in older people.


When it comes to psychological factor, meditation aids in increasing the person's brain wave coherence, decreasing anxiety levels, often irritability, deep-set depression, and swing of moods, improves the person's memory as well as his or her learning ability, increases the person's ability for self-actualization, increases the person's feeling of youthfulness and rejuvenation as well as vitality, leads to positive outlook in life and joyfulness, and increases a person's emotional status and stability.

Meditation Offers

Other noted benefits of meditation for an individual and his or her community include:

  1. – Relaxation to the person's the body, mind, and soul.
  2. – Rejuvenation of energy to face the heavy challenges and stress ahead.
  3. – Healing of various illnesses that are closely-associated with the mind and the body.
  4. – Making a more stable person in terms of emotions.
  5. – Developments of relaxed family life and instilling positive outlooks in life to younger people.
  6. – Enhances the person's ability to make his or her mind function properly.
  7. – Letting a person discover his or her inner self, this in turn releases the creativity in them.
  8. – It helps people to free themselves from various vices and addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes as well as in various medications such as tranquilizers and narcotics.
  9. – It also helps a person to gain higher self-confidence, thus, resulting to stronger power of the will.
  10. – It can be an effective and safe way of discovering one's self instead of focusing the attention to other unhealthy practices.
  11. – It aids in the development of the power of the mind.

The list goes on about the benefits of mediation in an individual and to his or her community. In so many cases, these are positive benefits but once mediation has not been used properly, people should be aware of the side effects. To avoid this from happening, people who are planning to get serious in meditation should always consult a professional before performing any meditation techniques.


Jogging -Tips To Better Health

English: Jogging with dog at Carcavelos Beach ...



Tips On How To Do It

Performing common jogging offers better bodily condition and different health benefits. Jogging also offers bodily and psychological pleasure.


The positive effects of jogging are:

  1. Positive impact upon the final health if not over done.
  2. Increase heart strength, increasing the capability of the blood circulation
  3. Improve respiratory system
  4. Speeds up the digestive system and helps you eliminate digestive trouble
  5. It counteracts depression
  6. It increases the capacity to work and lead an active life.
  7. Burn more fat & lose weight
  8. Improve appetite
  9. Strengthens the muscle tissue of your legs, hips and back
  10. No more insomnia -sleep better


Jogging offers you physical and mental joy, provided you don't exhaust yourself. When jogging is completed appropriately, you'll actually feel much less drained when you could have completed a tour than earlier than you began. You get nice feelings in your muscle groups in the course of the jogging and afterwards.

You will really feel the wind blowing around your body. You will hear the birds singing, the music of operating water within the streams, or the sound of waves dashing towards the seashore. During the jogging additionally, you will get a euphoric mental feeling after some time.


The type of garments you were must be suited to the climate conditions. In warm weather, shorts and a t-shirt is enough. Nevertheless, it might be helpful to carry alongside an additional piece of dress in a light-weight back-pack in case you run out on an extended route, in case the weather aggravates.  In colder weather it's essential to add extra layers of clothes. In both case, the necessities for the garments are:

It is best to use gentle and mushy garments without any sharp sutures, hard edges or large folds. They need to sit pretty close to your physique, however not so close that you just feel squeezed, trapped, or so that your movements are hindered.

The garments ought to give good ventilation for moisture and sweat and perspiration by way of the fabric. The material should ideally maintain water totally out from the skin, however this requirement is tough to attain along with the requirement of good ventilation.

You should use pretty soft shoes, however with a good shape becoming the anatomical shape of your feet. The soles should easily bend in the course of the regular movements of your ft, however support nicely in opposition to the ground. The underside of the only real ought to give friction in opposition to any sort of grounds, in order that you don't slide throughout jogging. The soles should buffer effectively against every affect from the ground.


  • Jogging may be performed in a number of methods
  • Lengthy distance jogging 6-20 km in a reasonable speed on even roads or paths.
  • Quick distance jogging 3-6 km in a high speed.
  • Jogging upwards in a steep terrain three-four km, in a speed adjusted to the steepness
  • Jogging in a hilly terrain with paths going each up an down 4-eight km

It's advisable to vary the type of jogging from day to day. Then the jogging will get more enjoyable and you get a variable type of training.


It's best to move slowly with little efforts the first few hundred meters to heat up your muscles. You then progressively enhance your muscular work and speed. When you've gotten executed half the route, you can take a speedy spurt using most of your capacity. If the route is long sufficient, you'll be able to take or three spurts using almost full capacity.The final hundred meters you progressively slow down again.


It's advisable to stretch out both earlier than and after every jogging session, and not solely the muscle tissue in your toes, however your whole body 2 minutes before and 3-4 minutes after the session. When stretching out do the next actions:
* Bend forward and contact your toes.
* Kneel down on one among your feet, and stretch the opposite out backwards.
* Bend your physique to both sides.
* Stretch out an arm, grab one thing, and switch your physique spherical in order that your arm is bent backwards.
* Shoot your stomach foreword, in order that your spinal column is stretched right into a bow.
* Place your arms behind your neck and stretch your arms backwards. Then twist your body to left and proper, also bend to every side.

After the jogging it's generally greatest to attend for some minutes earlier than you stretch out, so that the worst tiredness has gone away first.


If jogging is the one sport exercise performed, a jogging session each second day is ideal. This is enough to give all the well being benefits and enhance your situation and endurance step by step, but without wearing your self out. In case you mix jogging by other forms of sport actions, 2 times every week could also be enough.
You should not be too hungry earlier than jogging, but it isn't advisable to take a jogging session straight after an enormous meal. The time of the day doesn't matter, however your jogging shouldn't be the first thing you do within the morning.


In case you are not accustomed to physical activity before you start jogging, it is advisable to consult a health care provider before you start. You may have well being issues that isn't compatible with jogging actions, or that you have to take into account when doing all your jogging.

The primary times, you must only jog on plain ground and just for 10 minutes. Then you'll be able to enhance the time, distance and speed, and select steeper and tougher paths.

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