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Acne rosacea is a disease with dermal and ophthalmic manifestations that combines the symptoms specific to rosacea with the pustules of acne. So far, the nature and exact causes of acne rosacea has not been given an explanation although it is generally admitted that the disease is favored by sun exposure. The face and the chest are the most affected body parts both by the flushing and the pustules outbreak, and the disease tends to get worse after spicy food, hot drinks and alcohol.

It seems that acne rosacea has been reported in more women than men, with the preponderance of the condition in the middle-aged group. Thus, the majority of patients are people between 30 and 60, but here we ought to add that black skin is more difficult to diagnose. Although many assumptions have been made on the preponderance of acne rosacea with fair-skinned people, the theory is not supported by clinical evidence.

The acne lesions specific to the disease usually appear in the nose area, on the cheeks and chin, but the central forehead doesn't get spared either. The skin is usually very oily too, yet there are some major differences between acne rosacea and acne vulgaris. In traditional acne forms, comedones are widely spread, whereas with rosacea they don't even appear in the flush areas. Moreover, acne rosacea is characterized by hypertrophy which is not found with acne vulgaris.

Since acne rosacea is a chronic disease its evolution usually expands over several years marked by critical episodes characterized by inflammation. Most often, topical corticosteroids are applied to reduce the intensity of the symptoms and to improve the overall condition, but they cannot be prescribed for long-term therapy because of the risk to cause an atrophy or permanent vaso-dilation of the tissues. Most doctors will therefore go for the systemic treatment instead of the topical one.

Sometimes the damage caused by acne rosacea needs surgical treatment, but only an expert can decide on such a course of action. Electrocautery and the tunable dye laser procedure represent the two main alternatives under the circumstances, but one could also choose excision, skin grafting, dermabrasion ands so on. Do not postpone the treatment of acne rosacea because the more time passes, the more difficult will be to cure it.

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Acne Home Remedies Can Be Effective

Natural Health Remedies

The number of effective acne home treatments is sheerly impressive and the sources to learn of them are also very rich. Most of the time, home cures are recommended to mild or moderate acne cases, any severe condition requires dermatological monitoring from a specialist. Here are some popular acne home remedies known to work for skin condition improvement.

Acne triggers the redness and swelling of skin areas; comfort can be achieved by means of cold and hod compresses; swelling diminishes thanks to the cold ones, and the pores eliminate the blocked residues when dilating because of the heat. So as to make these acne home remedies more efficient, you should drink lots of liquids in order to flush toxins out of the body more efficiently.

Lots of natural acne treatments rely on veggies, fruits and herbs. Citric juices for instance work wonders for skin peeling, proving ideal for the treatment of oily skin types. Almond oil eliminates the risk of permanent scarring, while tea tree oil has the reputation of the best natural antibacterial substances. Aloe vera, tomatoes, cucumbers and many others will also make good choices for various other acne home remedies.

Another element with well reputed disinfectant and regenerative properties is honey. The acne evolution can be better kept under control if you use a honey-based anti-acne mask at least twice a week. Honey in addition to other foods may also represent the internal acne home remedies that reduce the inconveniences of the disease by an internal action as well.

It is common knowledge that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the toxin level in the system and allows for a more rapid or consistent cleaning of the skin. Therefore, it wouldn't be fair to discuss acne home remedies without referring to the importance of diet and the way it contributes to the balancing of the body processes. If you manage to eat healthily, then, you will have understood that acne is more than just a skin problem.

Various tips and recipes for acne home remedies are plentiful on the Internet. Don't combine remedies: try one or two cures and see how the skin responds to them within a minimum two-week period. If you see no improvement whatsoever, you can move on to trying something else. The problem with using too many acne home remedies simultaneously is that it makes it more difficult to realize which element works better for the skin condition.

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