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Lets look at three different scenarios.

Recession is making life difficult for a sales rep. The last three months sales were disastrous. He is about to meet an important, big new client and this could be an opportunity that could save his career. Success will decide whether he is still in employment.

A man is madly and desperately in love with this attractive and popular woman. To him there is no future without her but there are other men trying to attract her attention. The table is set for two, the ring is in his hand and the red roses lie near by. She is due any minute and he will ask her to marry him and he does not know whether she will say yes or no.

Late at night a woman is walking home. The streets are poorly lit. The sound of footsteps ahead of her make her uneasy. She can see a group of people wearing hoodies walking towards her. She now hears footsteps behind her. Turning around, she sees some young people walking towards her.

In all three situations a person becomes very alert and focused even though potential danger is only in one of these scenarios. This is the fight and fright reaction.

This is a reaction in humans and animals that developed a long time ago to protect us from life threatening dangers. The hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisone are released during the reaction.The remarkable changes that occur are caused by these hormones.

The heart rate speeds up, the breathing become faster and deeper, the mouth becomes dry, the pupils dilate, skin becomes cold and clammy and hairs on the back of the neck stand up.

You may have an urge to urinate, open your bowels or vomit. This is the brain trying to make you lighter and move faster during ‘flight'.

The fight or fright reaction prepares the body for action. You become alert and aware. Your senses are very sharp. Your hearing, sense of smell and your sight are all sharpened. Your body is now functioning at it optimum.

Your rapidly beating heart pumps extra blood to the muscles and brain. By breathing faster and deeper, more oxygen is transported by the blood to the muscles and brain. In addition blood is shunted away temporarily from other vital organs such as the gut, the kidneys and the immune system to enable more blood to the muscles.

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Hypnosis For Phobias and Hypnosis For Stress

Although the fight and fright reaction is primeval and developed when early humans had to confront huge and dangerous reptiles and mammals, it is still present today. Unfortunately the brain cannot differentiate between real and perceived dangers or threats. The reaction is the same.

The fight or fright reaction is triggered in all three scenarios.

Panic attacks are severe episodes of the fight or fright reaction and, during an attack, to the individual the threat or danger is very real. Rationality suddenly disappear and there is no where to run to or no one to fight.

In stress, even though there is no threat to our lives, the fight or fright reaction is triggered and can be harmful to the body. If persistent, it can cause diseases.

Understanding how the fight or fright reaction is triggered in stress will help you make some sense about the symptoms of stress you experience with stress. Hypnosis is a treatment that has been proven in studies to help you cope with your stress, and deal with frightening situations.

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