Speeding Up Metabolism For Weight Loss

A healthy and strong body decides upon how each person copes with his own body, as well as emotional state. Diets, just like bodies, are very individualistic; whatever worked for your friend will probably not provide the same results for you.

The body's major systems are regulated by the overall metabolism rate. Your ability to drop those pounds, and permanently keep them off, is keyed to your metabolism. The central nervous, limbic, thyroid, neurotransmitter, endocrine, digestive and immune system are all regulated by metabolism. What this means is, to get to your goal weight, you need to first get control of your metabolism.

The healthy leanness one seeks comes from burning fat and building muscle, two of the key processes of functioning metabolism. This include digestion and elimination and on the micro level, which does include different forms of cellular works, of membrane repair, cell division, and endocrine functions.

A well working metabolism does three things: converts food into energy, rids the body of toxins and wastes, and coverts glucose into glycogen, which is stored fat. This last part is where people run into problems, storing food as more weight.

Adequate nutrition combined with moderate physical activity sets your body at healthy levels, where your body varies no more than about ten pounds. If you loose more than this, your metabolism will rebel and certainly slow down, thinking your body is going into starvation mode.

The metabolism is key, and up against the strong desire to eat, the key solution becomes HCG weight loss. Within pregnant women, the HCG hormone is most active, converting stored fat into energy for the fetus. The HCG weight loss diet has an impressive record of producing success for individuals, especially those not responding to traditional diet programs.

The end goal of any plan is a firm, healthy, and glowing body. With this, your body resets its metabolism to a lower point, consistent with your body's biochemistry, as its regular operating mode. You are now feeling vibrant, where you can see the results of your new muscles.

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