Skin tag removal.

Skin tags can be defined as the small protruding bits of skin that grow in the many areas of the body such as the groin, armpits, neck and eyelids.The various other names by which the skin tag is known are kin polyps, Cutaneous tags, Papillomas, Cutaneous Papillomas, Fibroma molluscum, Pedunculated tags, Filiform tags and Templeton skin tag, thus it has many names.But the medical name which is most commonly used is the acrochordons.These mostly do not cause any harm, but they can be irritating.People are always looking to remove these skin tags by one means or the other.As a result of this, there are many companies that have come up with various techniques and equipments to remove the skin tags.

These tags are irritating as they come in between clothing and while wearing jewelry; also these tags prove to be a hindrance while shaving.The main cause of the formation of the skin tags is still not known.But, the number of skin tags in more in people who are suffering from diabetes, old age and obesity.There is a great difference in the size of the skin tags that is seen, it varies from the size of a grain to the size of a golf ball.The surface may be appearing smooth; it can also be irregular and rough.

The skin tag is attached to the skin by means of a peduncle, it is a fleshy stalk.The skin tag if looked from a microscopic view, it basically is made up of a fibro vascular cone, and also it sometimes consist of fat cells; all this is covered with a layer of epidermis and dermis.Without the application of a local anesthesia, we cannot go for the skin tag removal as they also contain the nerve cell.These cause a lot of embarrassment, hence it is important to go for the skin tag removal.

There are a lot of ways by which one can go for the skin tag removal.It can be removed by excision, surgery, ligation, cyrotherapy, curettage and cautery, shave biopsy, electrocautery, skin biopsy, laser therapy and other home remedies.Skin tag removal at home can also be practiced by an individual.There are many such techniques for skin tag removal but the most effective are the natural techniques.Here an oil formation is applied by the fingers on the skin tags and it ensures the gradual removal of the skin tag.

The time that is taken for the removal of the skin tags depends on the quantity and the size of the skin tag, it can vary from two weeks to six weeks.Once the skin tag is eliminated from the place, it will not grow at that place, but there is a chance that it can grow at a different place.

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