Secrets For Young And Healthy Skin

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Secrets For Young And Healthy Skin

Sometimes we really don't see ourselves clearly. Up until our late 3o's we are going along fine, and then the changes start.  A few fine lines start popping up here and there, a stray gray hair can appear, but there is nothing like looking back at in photograph to see the facial changes that are taking place. The changes kind of sneak up on us, and we don't really notice them, but there comes a day when you look in the mirror, and you start to see the changes. Of course none of us want to admit to our vanity….society say's we should grow old gracefully.

It you want to fight the lines and wrinkles who say's you shouldn't? It's not all about vanity, it's about keeping your skin healthy and if in the process you prevent a few wrinkles and sagging, then more power to you!

Truthfully there are only a few steps you need to take keep your skin glowing, and youthful.

  • Limit Your Sun Exposure

The sun may feel good, but it is a skin hazard. Studies have proven that the number one cause of wrinkles is sun damage as it breaks down collagen, and can lead to skin cancers (melanoma, squamous cell, and Basel cell, ). Yes, getting vitamin D is important, but you only need 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day, or consider taking a vitamin D supplement of 2,000 mg. In the winter the sun rays can reflect off of snow, and damage the skin as much as sunbathing. If you do go out lather on a sunscreen with zinc, but don't count on it to prevent long term skin damage if you are out for prolonged periods. The best way to keep your skin healthy is limit the time you spend in the sun, and if you  have to go out, wear clothing that covers your skin completely. Hats, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and gloves. If you want smooth skin for a lifetime, then limit your sun exposure.

No smoking deviance

  • Stop Smoking

Four words sum up the effects of smoking…premature aging of the skin.

If you like leathery skin, yellow stained skin(finger nails), deep vertical lip and eye wrinkles then keep smoking. Studies have proven that smoking creates biochemical changes to the skin that actually speed up the aging process. Puffing away will deprive your skin of oxygen, constricting blood vessels decreasing blood flow to one of your major organs…yours skin. You can also calculate the risk of developing lung cancer, and emphysema. It's not too sexy to be carrying around your own oxygen tank, as you huff and puff for a breath of air.

  • Drink Water & Eat Healthy

Staying hydrated will plump up your skin cells, and decrease wrinkles. Water helps clear out toxins as well, so that your skin is clear and healthy. Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and quality proteins will provide your skin with proper nutrition and vitamins. Your only as good as what you put into your body, so stay away from processed foods, hard alcohol, and sugar which has been proven in studies to accelerate the aging process. Drink green tea, no more than one glass of red wine which are both full of antioxidants, and don't forget 6-10 glasses of water a day to improve hydration.

  • Sleep on Your Back

I admit the I have a hard time doing this, but sleeping on your back and not your stomach or side will decrease the wrinkles and folds that develop on the sides of your face.  Over time if you sleep on your side your skin will remember the folds where it is pushed up by the pillow, and eventually they will not spring back to normal and you will start to see the unattractive effects.

  • Exfoliate

As we age the skin cell turn over starts to slow down, and we have to exfoliate to help turn over new cells. You can use a clean wash cloth daily, but if you really want to clear your skin so that your beauty products can get deep down into the skin then try a little more expensive but very worthy Clarisonic Pro Skincare Brush. I personally love this, but here's what Make up ally review say:

“After the first week, my skin looked SO healthy and bright, like I had
been doing some serious cardio  workout and then hitting the steam room.”

“I can ABSOLUTLEY NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS DEVICE!!!!! Ever since I began using the clarisonic my acne prone, combination skin has been  smooth skin NO BREAKOUTS!
I'm in love.”

  • Moisturize

If if your skin is oily you should moisturize. This is key to keep your skin healthy and glowing. My dermatologist recommended  Cera Ve. It contains very effective ingredients hyaluronic acid, Ceramides, cholesterol, and the time releasing MVE technology. It is very gentle and helps repair the skin barrier that the sun, and Free radicals (environmental pollutants) we are exposed to every day. Here are a few reviews from others on makeup ally:

“Never, ever gives me a rash – nor does it cause me to have acne breakouts on my face.”

“I have very very dry skin on my arms so my doctor recommend this. It is
by far the best, most moisturizing lotion I have ever used. I honestly
love it”

“I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin. I also love how it is fragrance free and truly has no odor to it”

  • Prescription Medication

Retin A- This the gold standard for keeping skin glowing. It can have side effects such as being very drying, but once your skin gets used to it, it can work miracles. I use this and recommend it to every one who says…”What do you use, your skin looks great?” It will improve the look and feel of your skin making it smooth and healthy, and it can help even out the skin tone and treat hyper-pigmentation from old acne scars.

  • Exercise

Get to the gym, ride a bike, take an evening stroll, but get out and get moving. Exercise increase blood flow to your skin, improves circulation, helps purge toxins from the pores, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Don't forget a good romp under the sheets…good for the skin, heart, and all the other lovey parts of you!

Follow these few simple steps and before you know it you will have everyone asking…”What is your beauty secret, you look great?

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