Role of Vitamin B5 To Cure Acne Naturally

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Using Vitamin B5 To Cure Acne Naturally

Acne is a skin condition that is very common in young boys and girls, but it can be developed at any stage of life. There are many ways to treat acne like using drugs, creams and laser treatment etc. The laser treatment for acne gives the results in very short period of time, but this method is very costly. The other methods include the use of anti-acne creams, tablets and other dosage forms. This is a long term way to treat acne but it costs very less as compared to laser treatment.

Understanding the Main Cause of Acne:

In order to find some best option to treat acne, the actual cause of acne development must be understood. The main cause of acne development is the over-activity of our skin glands, sebaceous glands. These glands produce an oily secretion to nourish our outer skin tissues, called sebum. Due to over-activity of skin glands, excessive amount of this oil is secreted that results in the formation of acne spots on the skin. So, it is very necessary to inhibit the over activity of skin glands.

How Vitamin B5 Can Help In Acne?

It is studied that vitamin B5 has a strong inhibitory effect on the skin glands. It means that if sufficient quantity of this vitamin is present in the body, it will directly affect on sebaceous glands and their production of sebum oil will be reduced. When the sebum will be reduced in the body, the acne breakouts will be reduced considerably. The formation of new acne spots will be reduced and already formed blackheads and whiteheads will also heal in lesser time.

How to Improve the Level of Vitamin B5 in Body, Naturally?

In order to improve the level of vitamin B5 in your body, you should take the food items that are rich in this vitamin. The good sources of this vitamin are soy beans, peanuts and liver. If you want instant improvement, you can also use the supplements of vitamin B5 that are available in the market in the forms of tablets and other dosage forms.

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