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Natural Remedies For Hot Flashes

Are you looking for natural healthy remedies for menopause? You are not alone, hot flashes are the bane of most women going through the “change:.

Women experience a number of symptoms of menopause, but the hot flash is the one most debated. Changes in hormone levels mixes up the brain signals that communicate whether we are hot or cold. This influx of mixed signals causes our blood vessels to grow and contract on an irregular and unpredictable basis. With an increased blood flow in the body, a sense of heat and a flush starts on the face, the neck, and continues to the chest.

Your brain is trying to keep up with the mixed signal, so one minute you will be cold, and the next too hot and soaking wet in the middle of the day or night. Depending on the power of the hot flash, some women experiencing menopause may get headaches, feel weak, dizzy, and exhausted or lose sleep. Do not forget to be certain to check with your doctor and have your blood levels drawn before attributing any of the above symptoms to menopause. Hot flashes can also be the sign of more serious conditions or medical disorders.

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Do Herbs For Hot Flashes Really Work?

by Linda Bruton

The use of herbs for hot flashes has been around for centuries. Yet it seems like we still know very little about what they do or how they work. Part of the reason is that every woman’s body is different and what works for one woman may not work well for another. That being said, it’s still worth investigating which herbs for hot flashes may work for you.

A few of the more popular herbs for hot flashes are Black Cohosh, Chaste Tree Berry, and Ginsing. Out of the three, Black Cohosh is probably the most widely used when treating hot flashes. Chaste Tree Berry is a close second with Ginsing having hit and miss reviews.

So how exactly is Black Cohosh supposed to help? Black Cohosh is known to alleviate hot flashes, decrease night sweats, and even reduce mood swings. Talk about a miracle herb! It’s not known exactly how Black Cohosh helps curb menopausal symptoms. At first it was believed that the herb bound itself to the estrogen receptor. But further study has shown no such evidence. This is good news for women concerned with estrogen remedies or supplements. Black Cohosh has also been proven not to affect tissue in the uterine lining. Thus, using Black Cohosh herbs for hot flashes will not increase bleeding since the uterine lining is not affected.

Studies measuring the effectiveness of Black Cohosh for hot flashes have produced mixed results. However, one study did find that 86% of women who took Black Cohosh for six weeks had lessened hot flash symptoms. Using Black Cohosh herbs for hot flashes does not result in many side effects. However, gastric irritability is a possibility. Be sure to contact your doctor and discontinue use of any herb if you experience any discomfort.

The second most popular herb for hot flashes is Chaste Tree Berry. Many women already use this herb to help beat PMS. How Chaste Tree Berry works is that it has a progesterone-like effect on the body. It affects neurotransmitters such as dopamine and prolactin, which help regulate hormone levels. Chaste Tree Berry seems to help regulate heavy menstruation and reduce mood changes due to an imbalance of hormones. Not only can you utilize these herbs for hot flashes, but they are helpful in reducing headaches, anxiety and fatigue. Minimal side effects have been reported with the use of Chaste Tree Berry.

The use of Ginsing herbs for hot flashes has shown minimal success in actual studies. If it works for you, then by all means use it! There are few side effects with Ginsing, but if you’re experiencing insomnia, diarrhea, or rashes you should discontinue use.

It is evident that using herbs for hot flashes is helpful. More and more women are effectively using them all the time. Researchers continues to gather more and more encouraging results about the success of herbs to alleviate menopausal symptoms. The big benefit is that these herbs don't have the problems and risks that have been associated with hormone replacement therapy. On top of that, they are inexpensive and easy to find.

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