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Got Acne?

Looking for a natural remedy to cure acne. Well, acne really is never cured, the best you can do is learn to manage it. If you have mild acne it may wane away with a few pimples popping up now and then, but if you have serious acne it maybe a life time of trying to keep it under control. There are some who “out grow it”, but if you are prone to acne, over the course of your lifetime you will still have to deal with pimples popping up every now and again. There are things that you can do to help decrease your breakouts, and clear your skin. You don't have to be embarrassed.

What Can The Dermatologist Prescribe?

If you have serious acne it is best to see a dermatologist to prevent scaring. A dermatologist may recommend topical medications such as:

  • Retin A. (1% and .3% strengths)-offers anti-inflammatory properties, as well as slowing down the accumulation of dead skin cells inside the follicle that can plug the pores and cause acne.
  • Salicylic Acid-
  • Azelaic acid -can help the skin renew itself and prevent clogged pores, by preventing he buildup of cells. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, and is known to help kill acne bacteria.
  • Benzoyl peroxide- this is a inexpensive over the counter product that can kill  99.9% of acne causing bacteria by depositing oxygen under the skin surface. Bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps dry up existing pimples on the surface.
  • Antibiotics can be used topically or orally such as Clindamycin  and Erythromycin which help stop the growth and kill P. Acnes bacteria.

Natural Acne Remedies:

  • Exfoliate with a baking soda scrub. Use 1/3 of a cup of warm water in a bowl and slowly add baking soda to the water until it forms a thick foamy paste. Massage all over the face in gentle circular motions. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
  • brown sugar, tea tree and raw honey scrub will tightens pores and even out the skin tone. Mix 1 tablespoon of Raw Honey and Brown Sugar in a class bowl along with a couple drops of tea tree oil.  Massage into face, and let sit 20 minutes then rinse off with warm water and pat face dry gently.
  • oatmeal and honey scrub-Simply mix 1/3 cup warm water, a tablespoon  oatmeal and one tablespoon honey. Mix together in a blender until smooth. Scrub skin in circular motions gently and rinse.
  • Coffee & avocado Scrub-Coffee has been shown to be a natural oil reducer. Add to a small bowl 1/2 of a small avocado, and mash. Add 1/2 teaspoon of  ground coffee. The smell may linger on your skin, so this if you dislike the smell of coffee skip this scrub.
  • Supplements to try- Zinc (improves immune system& wound healing) L-lysine (aids in the production of collagen & tissue repair), Turmeric (Anti-inflammatory & wound Healing), Alpha Lipoic Acid (helps stabilize blood sugar levels)
  • Try Soaps made with – Tree Tree oil, and Sulfa
  • Take a Probiotic supplement twice a day-this will help balance the good bacteria in your body and help with inflammation.

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