How Does Herbal Tea Aid Weight Loss?

Using Herbal Tea For Weight Loss

This is a guest post by Ben from Hambleden Herbs, a UK supplier of Herbal Tea.

You have probably heard about the link between herbal teas and weight loss before, but do you know why it works? Here we will look into the reasons why herbal tea is so beneficial and how it can help you.

Boost Metabolism

By increasing your metabolism, herbal tea can kick-start your body into working harder earlier on. A cup of tea in the morning can help to increase your metabolism for the rest of the day helping you to…

Burn More Calories

The increase in metabolism leads to your body burning more calories, meaning it works harder throughout the day.

Reduced calorie intake

By avoiding traditional tea, you are also avoiding the milk and sugar that usually accompanies it. By removing these from your diet you are reducing the amount of calories you take on board. Cutting out excess sugar can also help with the next point.
Increased energy levels

Some herbal teas have been reported to help boost energy levels. This coupled with the fact that you have cut out excess refines sugar from your diet can lead to more controlled blood sugar levels and more manageable energy levels.

Suppresses Appetite

As with drinking water, drinking herbal tea can help to suppress appetite and trick the stomach into thinking it is fuller than it actually is. Studies have also found that drinking quantities of water before a meal can actually reduce the appetite and amount of food eaten.

These are just a few of the weight loss benefits associated with herbal tea, not to mention the numerous general health benefits that it provides. So make the change today and start feeling a happier, healthier you.

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