Green Tea Extract May Aid Blood Cancer Patients

The participants from the research had been 4 victims of CLL, probably the most typical type of blood cancer, who have been being given drugs containing green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Soon after a particular time frame, a decrease in cancerous cells in their bodies was noticed. Three from the 4 patients expressed improved response to treatment and one experienced enhanced white blood cell count. A single patient whose lymph nodes had swollen up decreased in size after she started taking green tea pills.

Earlier in 2004, the same team of scientists, led by Dr Tait Shanafelt, had conducted a laboratory study with the influence of EGCG on leukemia cells. The conclusions ended up printed in a 2004 edition of the journal Blood. It had been discovered that the green tea extract killed the leukemia cells. “The encounter of these people offers some suggestion that our previously revealed laboratory results might in fact translate into clinical effects for clients with the sickness,” Dr Shanafelt said.

“Green tea has long been thought to have cancer-prevention capabilities. It is exciting that study is now demonstrating this agent may possibly offer new hope for CLL patients,” Dr Shanafelt added. So far, no remedy has been identified for CLL, a progressing malignancy that generally targets individuals over 55 years of age. According to Dr Shanafelt, further studies are required for establishing the precise process and effect as well as the quantity with the extract which is optimum.

“We do not know how many patients had been taking comparable products and failed to have any benefit. We also do not yet know the optimal dose that need to be utilized, the frequency with which patients should take the medication, and what side effects will likely be observed with long-term administration,” he mentioned. The hematologist is now creating an EGCG pill for the US National Cancer Institute to discover no matter whether the extract might be employed to treat individuals with CLL.

The medical fraternity expressed optimism at the results in the study, but felt that it may possibly be too early to celebrate. “The conclusions are interesting, but we can not say yet this is a new treatment for cancer. We will need to carry out a big scale, controlled trial to see if the results hold true,” explained Ken Campbell of United Kingdom’s Leukemia Research Fund. Around 7300 Americans are diagnosed with CLL each and every year, with males becoming far more subject to the disease than ladies.

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