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Experts presently agree that with the chaotic lifestyle and stressful work conditions, many people come to a negligence of their diet for a number of reasons. And when they go to the MD, the best daily multi vitamin supplements inevitably come into discussion. When diet is not enough to cope with the body system needs, then, supplementation becomes the only solution for right health maintenance and to avoid different health problems and various nail-skin-hair diseases and ailments such as fungus, thinning hair.

As yet, even the best daily multi vitamin products cannot be used indefinitely, and they are just substitutes for diet. Physical activity and good food can't be replaced, which is why you should consider all the lifestyle changes necessary to improve your life. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

‘Natural' is the best choice!

Look for 100% organic ingredients advertised as the best daily multi vitamin products. There are two major types of vitamins available on the market: synthetic ones produced in the lab and natural extracts from fruit, herbs and vegetables. Organic ingredients are metabolized much better, and their efficiency is at its highest. Synthetic supplements on the other hand consume body chemicals and they are not fully absorbed in the system because of the poor compatibility.

Keep an eye on minerals!

The best daily multi vitamin supplements also contain a balanced combination of minerals. There is a daily value indicated on the package, and you should take that into consideration as the reference point for administration. If you use supplements that contain magnesium or calcium, you'll need to take more than one pill per day. Two or three supplements per day are usually the right dosage. The quantities of minerals in one-pill-a-day supplements may not be enough for the body needs.

Consider special needs!

Sometimes your body system is too weak to function properly and you need to create optimal conditions by using one of the best daily multi vitamin supplements the doctor prescribes. This happens during the recovery period after some illness, when the immune system is weak, during the cold season, or whenever your medical test reveal an imbalance of vitamins or minerals in the system.

The best daily multi vitamin doses are prescribed according to the doctor's orders after a careful examination of the patient's needs. You may develop in rare cases side effects if you self-medicate and use a higher dosage than normal.

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