Avoiding The Causes Of Poor Skin Condition


Most of us will experience problems with our skin at some point and while they are often easily treated with a cream we should perhaps try and avoid the problem in the first place. Avoiding skin problems is a lot easier if you know what you are doing that can damage your skin. Here are just a few of the most common skin damaging practices or factors that cause skin problems. Most of these causes are things that you can avoid.


Environmental Conditions can cause problems with the skin if you are exposed to extremely dry, humid, cold or hot conditions for a long period of time or if you are in a place that has poor air quality.


UV Rays are something we have all heard about and they cause countless problems to the skin especially in areas that are not usually exposed to the sun.


Regular Swimming or Bathing can really dry out the skin and the longer each session lasts the more damage you will do.


Stress is a problem for many people and a lot of the things that stress contributes to will be manifested in the skin; just ask anyone suffering from psoriasis.


Poor vitamin intake can have a bad effect on the skin in many cases but if it is recognised quickly enough then it can be rectified.


Scented soaps will often have a number of ingredients which can irritate the skin and unless you stop using the soap, you may find the problem will not go away.


Lifestyle choices can cause problems in all areas of your body but excessive alcohol will take its toll and smoking will ruin your skin.


On top of all these factors that damage your skin your biggest problem will be aging and that is something that everyone has to deal with. But by doing all you can to avoid the other causes you may be able to limit the signs of aging on your skin.


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