Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Survey Reveals That Most People Don’t

Most of us are aware that sleep is not just necessary for revitalizing our mind, but is critical to our body to rejuvenate itself too. Which is why a recent survey (titled ‘Sleep In America') carried out by the National Sleep Foundation may cause you to be surprised.

The yearly poll calculates Americans get, on average, just 6.7 hours of sleep a night on a weekday. Also, over the past 10 years, an increasing amount of Americans are getting under 6 hours sleep per night, and the number who get at least 8 hours per night is going down as well.

In our non-stop, open all hours world, it's hardly a surprise that we're sleeping about an hour and a half less a night than our ancestors did little more than a century ago.

There are plenty of distractions and forms of entertainment that previous generations didn't have. So, it's clear why sleep has moved down our priority list. The ready accessibility of the internet, cell phones, Blackberries and other gadgets allow us to be connected to the world when we should be sleeping, and to do things at any time, anywhere.

Looking at another survey, it was reported by the American Psychological Association that 52% of 7,000 people interviewed were losing sleep during the night due to stress.

Unfortunately, not getting sufficient sleep leaves the majority of us feeling irritable and drained, as well as leading to impaired work performance, lackluster thought processes and questionable decision making.

Nearly anyone can improve their sleep quality thoughby getting into a a regular sleeping routine. Get yourself to bed and awake in the morning at the same time every day- this also applies to days off, holidays and vacations.

You should ensure that your sleeping space is relaxing, peacful and at a comfortable, constant temperature. Do this and there's a better chance of achieving the 8 sleep hours that you require.

Next – just head on over to the Daily Health Bulletin for information on the recommended hours of sleep, plus for a limited time get 5 free fantastic health reports. Click here for a video on this study – Not Getting The Recommended Sleep Hours.

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